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PoV – Ayush simulates real-world transactions amongst patient, provider & payor through blockchain, that can improve the integrity of healthcare claims processing and usher in innovative business models that didn’t exist before


Proof of Value

A PoV (Proof of Value) is not a developed solution. We believe it should essentially represent the following attributes – technology prototype, business process improvement, well articulated cost-benefit analysis and innovation it brings without burning a hole in the pocket.

As blockchain networks evolve and gain acceptance, enterprises form consortia and delegate functions to the network. Blockchain enables competitors to collaborate in a trustless manner, overseen by a core group with multi-party representation including regulators, consumers, industry players with a consumer first focus. The differences between private blockchain and a public network sharded blockchain will minimize or maybe not exist.

Floating Item
Floating Item

When trying a radical new concept like Blockchain or an Emerging tech, it is essential to execute a proof-of-value (PoV) and see its fitment. The complexity increases in context to an enterprise. Blockchain for an enterprise is about business process transformation using the tenets of the decentralization, cryptography, non-reupdiation, dis-intermediation, determinism. The tech and the alogrithms that govern these have been in existence over a few years.

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